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Riding Lessons
Riding lessons for children and adults are available for $35 per session.  Each session includes grooming the horse and picking out their hooves, tacking up (putting on the saddle and bridle), riding for at least 30 minutes,  then taking care of the horse afterwards which means bathing in the summer or brushing again during the cooler months.
Safety is taught first such as learning how to walk around a horse and to keep a hand on at all times.
I teach English riding, but if someone really wants to learn to ride Western, I can teach that as well.  Riders learn to sit up straight in the saddle with their heels down (I am a stickler for that).  They also learn to be the horse's leader, which is better than the horse being  the leader.
Whether a child or an adult, the rider should come away with a  feeling of accomplishment and  pride at the partnership that was made with their horse, from grooming through riding and giving a treat when they are all done.


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