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About Nordic Acres Farm

The Full Story

My name is Pat Schenavar, and I am the owner and grower of organic microgreens and produce here at Nordic Acres Farm. My 10-acre farm is located in Grant, Florida, and in addition to what I grow, I also board horses and offer horseback riding lessons to children and adults. 

After 23 years of homeschooling my four children, I found a direction to spend my now 'free' time and tapped into my passion for growing food. George Bernard Shaw has a quote that I love; however, I did change the 'he' to 'she': "Happy is the woman who can make a living by her hobby."

I have a 30-year background growing produce both in soil and hydroponically. Over the past several years I have transitioned to growing mostly microgreens due to their incredible nutritional value, the vast variety of flavors and types, and the less intensive process to create. I use no synthetic pesticides or chemicals. All of my experience in growing is using only organic methods. This is what I believe in and how I want my family to eat.

My goal is to educate my community and individuals all around the world on the importance of eating fresh, organically grown produce and microgreens. I sell what I grow to people in the community as well as a growing number of restaurants in the area. As the public becomes more aware of just how powerful microgreens are, Chefs have moved away from using these incredibly nutritious and delicious plants simply as a garnish, and now increasingly incorporate them into their dishes as main ingredients. 

Most recently, with the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting our world, I have found that people are more and more open to improving their immune systems through a natural and plant-focused diet. It has been a joy to share my knowledge and products and to help people access better health through their diet. My hope is to inspire people and communities around the world to try adding microgreens and organic fruits and vegetables to their meals through the resources on my website and social media platforms. 

If you are in my area and want to learn more or try my products, or if you are not in my area but want to learn more, including how to grow microgreens yourself, please contact me through the form below.

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